About Us

Fishanistas & Urban City Anglers
An outreach branch of Social and Economic Development for Men, Women and Children
a 501(c)3 organization :: Contributions are Tax Deductible


Jeanine Blair :: Founder/CEO :: jeanine@fishanistas.com :: 770.870.4240
Shelly K Caldwell :: Public Relations :: shelly@fishanistas.com :: 678.650.6812
Melissa Lawson :: Board Member/Director of IT :: melissa@fishanistas.com

Who we are

    We are an organization designed to inspire more women and girls to fish. The core concept of Fishinistas is to show women and girls another aspect of the Wide World of sports. We are a group of strong, beautiful and confident women who subscribe to the passion of fishing. We are also passionate about the inner beauty and self confidence that lies within women and girls. Through the stillness of fishing, the oneness with nature, and the camaraderie of like minded women we support one another and learn that we alone as ourselves are enough. Through this mindset we hope to empower women to find their inner passion and realize they have everything they need to achieve their goals. We want to be the one’s to embrace these women/young women into the “reel” sisterhood of fishing.

Board Members

Jeanine Blair :: Founder/CEO

      My adventures in fishing began when I was around 6 years old. My uncle John Lee would wake me and my brother Joey at dawn to head down to a lake in Arkansas. Getting up at 3am was not much fun however the ride there was great! more...

Gaylon Brevard :: Secretary


Dr. Michelle Huggins :: Board Member


Melissa Lawson :: Board Member/IT Director

      My step-dad introduced me to fishing at a young age. I remember the thrill of catching and reeling in my first catfish, and the dissappointment of it getting away. I enjoyed afternoons on our 21' Searay boat watching the water on Lake Allatoona ripple, and thinking even then that it just doesn't get any better than this. Now being a single mom of 3 young boys, I'm striving to strike a balance of raising them with the same values I grew up with, while giving them freedoms and decision making powers I never had. more...

Caroline Veasley :: Treasurer

      My name is Caroline Veasley, I serve as the treasurer of the Fishanistas organization. Haven't had much experience fishing, but this is such a great and exciting opportunity to learn a new skill. I look forward to the camaraderie and fellowship of the women of Fishanistas.

Shelly K Caldwell :: Public Relations

      My name is Shelly K Caldwell, I handle all Public Relations, media, marketing and fundraising for the group. My expertise does not include FISHING!!!!! I'm thrilled to be amongst such adventurous women to show me the ropes in this sport.