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Fishanistas & Urban City Anglers
An outreach branch of Social and Economic Development for Men, Women and Children
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Rod Benders Bass Club is excited about the opportunity to lend support to UCA/Fishanistas. Helping to grow and expand the bass fishing knowledge of young anglers.

Recycled Fish has partnered to teach lessons in stewardship on how to care for the waters that we fish. Making sure we have clean rivers and lakes to fish in for the future.


Lady Bass Anglers :: Sharing Bass Fishing :: She's So Fly :: The Cross Worship Ministry :: Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation :: Joyful Events

What every Fishanista needs...

    In your quest for the perfect fishing shoe, always consider the conditions and where you'll be fishing. Summertime, you should look for a shoe that grips well, breathable, lightweight and that is water resistant. For Wintertime, I suggest a boot. Tennis shoes or athletic shoes are not designed to keep your feet warm. Look for a shoe/boot with some type of insulation properties to to help shield against the cold. This shoe/boot should be water resistant as well.

Our picks:

    Mckenzie says "The coolest shoe ever" :: Nothing but rave reviews from the Fishanista girls! They love the shoe for it's style and comfort.
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    Perfect shoe for fishing! it has a very breathable material and great grip! This shoe is lightweight and waterproof.
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