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Wendy's Get Dirty Story

      Initially the idea of spending my Saturday fishing sounded like about as much fun as a root canal without any Novocain; get up early you say & play with worms & maybe catch something, and then what? I’m not touching some slimy fish and I’m definitely not taking a hook out of one. Ya’ll recruited the wrong girl! more...

Hook Line & Sinker :: Carolyn's Get Dirty Story

      Fond fishing memories run deep for my family and were some of the most wonderful happy times for us. We absolutely fished for the sheer fun of it all but we also truly fished to feed our large family. We had several fishing holes that served very distinct purposes: Jones pond for crappie and bream around the giant lily pads; the flood ways and #8 ditches for seine fishing; the levee for catfish and buffalo; St. Francis river for rainbow trout, goggle-eye and small-mouth bass… and the big cahuna of them all was Reelfoot lake for crappie, large-mouth bass, and bluegill. Reminiscing about the incredible quality time spent fishing, rain or shine, brings joy to my heart, a huge smile to my face, and just a general since of well being that I am very thankful for. more...